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    SCUBE3 identified as possible therapeutic treatment for androgenetic alopecia

    In the unlikely event this turns out to be the cure, we'll be known as Scubeee Doo's...
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    SCUBE3 identified as possible therapeutic treatment for androgenetic alopecia
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    Some thoughts about wounding and soliciting ideas

    Emu oil, quercetin and copper peptides. I got all those ideas from your post on Chinese herbs. I've combined all three and apply for a couple of days after rolling. Not sure if it's doing anything though (it's been a few months)...
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    Cold showers thickened and strengthened my hair

    Cold is supposed to be good for getting brown fat. There was a discussion about it in the new research forum, but I don't remember the details.
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    Prolactin "minitherapy" with SMI-1 (novel protocol for lowering prolactin locally)

    Not sure if it's already been said in this thread, but it appears orgasms cause a prolactin rush. I always thought the anti-fap crowd was nutty, but maybe there's a nugget of truth to it.
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    Carnosine with microneedling! Lots of good info

    I tried quercetin and copper peptides in emu oil on half my head for a couple months. Not long enough I know, but wasn't worth the grief I was getting from my wife about staining the pillow cover. No noticeable results.
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    Quitting Heavy Marijuana Use, And Worsened Sides

    CBD has been shown to be an interleukin-17 inhibitor ( Take a look at the results of this guy who was given the interleukin-17 inhibitor secukinumab ( There's a thread from a...
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    Ketoconazole 2% topical (liquid) against Female pattern hair loss

    1% -
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    Carnosine with microneedling! Lots of good info

    Which one? Also, does anyone know if l-carnosine is the same thing?
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    Very Impressive Dermarolling And Minxodil Results - From Tressless

    Mine did with even .5mm. I stopped in May because I didn't like having a gnarly head for days. About the same time I stopped miconeedling I started taking vitamin K. I microneedled for the first time yesterday and no bleeding! I even increased to .75mm in a test area and the same.
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    Does anyone have experience with vitamin K2.. does it really increase test ?

    I started D3 + K2 soon after covid hit. What few hairs I have left on the top of my head are definitely thicker and I'm able to grow them longer than I used to. I'm super psyched about it, more than anything else in the past 20 years. I'm doing other things as well and I don't want to spoil...
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    Why "bald beggers " is rare species? Needs study!

    They spend more time outside = vitamin D? Bald = higher risk of severe covid. Vitamin D *might* lower risk of severe covid.
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    Follica Microneedling Protocol Patent Disclosed

    Question about the protocol. Since you have to go 2cm into the hairline, do you think it might be easier and just as productive to build up from good hair and not needle too far into the bald area? If so, how far into the bald area, 2cm?
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    Did Peppermint Oil Disrupt Your Sleep?

    Same, tried for over a year.