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    Applied Biology MinoxiBoost For Minoxidil NonResponders

    The official website for Applied Biology => R & D Pipeline =>! Applied Biology is headquartered in California California Secretary of State business entity search comes back legit when you...
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    Hair Loss Is Related To The Immune System And Sex Arousal Increases Leukocytes...

    Yeah, I think I read somewhere that cells release water and C02 as waste. Well these days there is plenty of C02 getting pumped into our atmosphere so we are almost pushing waste back into our cells. The diet back then was entirely natural like you already said and what we wash our hair with...
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    Hairloss made me drop out of University

    Don’t put life on hold, wear a hat and f*ck the world. Replace the pain with something to be proud of. While finishing up my education I wore a hat. If I’m interviewed I will cover it up because I’m currently trying to fix it.
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    Remarkable growth with Min plus Supps: Study

    I read everything you said but don’t want to read the entire study. The idea sounds interesting because minoxidil does increase blood flow. I think his name sounds familiar and I might have seen a supplement kit with his name on it somewhere. Can you post what vitamins/supplements a person is...
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    Minoxidil alternatives which do not inhibit production of collagen in skin

    The stuff I listed are ingredients that have studies behind them and have actually been used on human scalps in the studies to grow hair. The ingredients in the studies show a lot of promise. However, I haven’t gotten the chance to personally test all of them yet except for retinoic acid and...
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    Thoughts on my 20 Ingredient Hair Loss Serum

    If your having a hard time figuring out the solubility or emulsion, let’s talk. I don’t consider myself an expert but I would be happy to try and help. It has to have been a challenge dissolving all those water/alcohol solvable ingredients in their studied amounts in such a small amount of...
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    Article: Is Azelaic Acid A Better Dht Blocker Than Finasteride?

    Then why do so many older members here swear that doctors Lees minoxidil was the best ever? I understand that retinoic acid is probably better than azelaic acid. Does azelaic acid do anything good for the skin? I hear the stuff is antibacterial and helps clean pores. I tryed some only a few...
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    Article: Is Azelaic Acid A Better Dht Blocker Than Finasteride?

    so that’s the brand of minoxidil you use Advanced Trichology?
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    Thoughts on my 20 Ingredient Hair Loss Serum

    @MrKmass So where are you at on this project? Did everything mix up ok for you?
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    Looking For An Anti Inflammatory To Add In My Regimen

    used minoxidil with that PG sh*t in it for only two months and my hair is entirely destroyed. I don’t think I will ever fix the damage. They need to take that garbage off the shelf.
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    Minoxidil once a day

    Where we are all still bald as hell!
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    Looking For An Anti Inflammatory To Add In My Regimen

    I first saw regrowth (esp temples, at the start I Wass Norwood 3+, now I', almost Norwood 1) only after my scalp in dieseased segments had became very different: taking oral zinc actually helps decrease sebum? I read some studies that claim it might increase sebum but than again they say it...
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    DIY topical particulate filtering, using an aeropress

    Ha I was trying to make something like this with empty pill bottles. Couldn’t find the right fit but now I can just buy this
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    Results - 1 month minoxidil - Latanoprost 5 months micro needling

    What do you think is helping the most? minoxidil - Latanoprost