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    How Often Should I Take Dutasteride?

    Hey dude, question: how, if any, have your sheds gone? I’m at month 4 of dutasteride and have been shedding a decent amount and before I wasn’t hardly losing any. When/how long did your shed last?
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    Started Dutasterid Today (ran Fina Before)

    Hey dude thanks for updates. Question: how, if any, have your sheds gone? I’m month 4 dutasteride and been shedding a decent amount. Did you have any shed, when/ how long did it last?
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    Started Dutasteride 11/5/18 - Pictures & Updates

    Ofcoarse stay on dutasteride. Y Please take pictures of your current hair and post them along with your baseline from before any treatment. I am on dutasteride and I am shedding as well but my hair looks and feels better than it did before, even though I’m shedding
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    Started Dutasteride 11/5/18 - Pictures & Updates

    Update? Hope you have reversed your shedding
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    Dutasteride Success thread

    Hey dude I know this is way late but how are you doing?
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    Finally success treating my hair loss with Avodart (Dutasteride)

    Hey man congrats on the extended success. I want to switch to dutasteride as well. My Doctor told me that it can significantly affect semen production and quality and I saw you mentioned that. Was it worse than when you were on finasteride? And do you take zinc sups I heard that makes it better?
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    5 Months On dutasteride - Amazing Results (before After Pics)

    Hey man your hairline looks awesome. Odd question: have you noticed a decrease in semen quality or quantity. One of my docs told me it could reduce it significantly (he’s just a regular Doctor not a derm, and on finasteride I am fine)