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    Tape or glue

    Interested if most of you guy tape or glue? Pros and cons?
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    Thinking of getting a system any tips?

    Hey fellas! Thanks again for the input I sent the lady 12 questions via email last night she answered everyone . I feel that's a good sign! Was it hard to picture what you were going to look like just before you got it put on? I king of know the style I want but still can't picture it...
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    Thinking of getting a system any tips?

    Yeah that doesn't do anything for my confidence.. But your being honest at least. There is no way I'm telling anyone that I'm wearing one. I'll just laugh and say as if! Everyone thinks I have hair atm cause I have smp so I hoping if I can do the transition good it might dull the fact that I...
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    Thinking of getting a system any tips?

    I'm currently growing my hair I'm getting excited.. But at the same time I'm still scared. I'm peaking out if someone hit me up that I was wearing wig what would I do or say?? Any tips on that? Do you reckon Anyone would say that...? I think I will be ok once I see it, I have faith this lady...
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    Thinking of getting a system any tips?

    You reckon to tape or glue?? If I buy 2 thats 2000 yes AUD. Maybe buy one of her and one off Nwl I'd have to order soon tho and I'd have to copy the other one yeah? - - - Updated - - - Like make both of them the Same is that possible seen I don't Know where she is getting it made.
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    Thinking of getting a system any tips?

    Thanks for your help fellas so good to have this site to help make my decision, @grincher I will definitely go a lighter density to start with thanks for the tip. @kedha how come you thinking of getting another piece again? Did you take it for granted how good you look with hair or...
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    Thinking of getting a system any tips?

    Thank so much for replying! Kedha a lot of the things you said I was already thinking so that makes me feel more confident I wear a hat sometimes at work already and it's coming into summer so I will start wearing it more, and your right I'm still going to run it after I get it done so people...
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    people have NO idea my hair isn't real!

    It's so hard to make a decision on one hand seems like the best idea ever and on the other when I hear stories like formerfro it make me feel like ****. What to do!
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    Totally confused???

    Hi jasenwn, love reading your posts.. I'm 31 just going through exactly what you when through, been shaving my head for 8 years just got back today from a consultation I'm excited but at the same time ****ing my self about getting one. I have to grow mine to, was 8 weeks long enough? I don't...
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    Thinking of getting a system any tips?

    Hi first post on this forum I'm in Australia I went and seen a lady who specialises in men's hair systems. She was very helpful in my consultation, I'm going back in two weeks to get a mould done and order a French Lace custom system, I'm 31 I currently shave my head but it looks like I still...
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    Are hair pieces & hair systems REALLY that bad?

    Looks good mate I'm currently thinking of getting one.