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    Haven’t recovered from minoxidil shed after 7ish months.

    No way to know for sure. The complete.mechanism sint fully understood. My view is that its a vasodialator this artificially sustains follicles above where they are normally which shift the growth cycle of hair which causes shedding. Stopping can do that to in reverse imo. How much youll lose i...
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    Haven’t recovered from minoxidil shed after 7ish months.

    Id recommend taking pictures but ive had the same experience i havent recovered from stopping minoxidil either after about a year. The hair on my temples are way worse.then when i started it and stopped.
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    Growth in receded areas without minoxidil?

    Has anyone had success in regaining ground in thinned areas like the crown without a growth agonist without minoxidil? I personally don't want to use it.
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    My recent scary RU58841 Experience (7 words)

    I feel you on the gym part. Just started getting back in the gym myself. If youre not using gloves whatever dose contacted your fingers went systemic. Ive heard.people doing the same and having no issue but thats a surefire way of allowing the Anti androgen to cause side effects
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    Retrograde Alopecia Questions treatment success?

    Has anyone else dealt with this version of alopecia. Personally ive been dealing with hair loss/diffuse thinning on the side of scalp. Has anyone had any success with treatments in this area?
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    RU58841: 2 or 3 questions for the experts

    It does though if youre protecting follicles from androgenic activity at the site of the follicle. losing that causes them to minaturize. Now its not a 1 to 1 analogy but the concept still applies. Minoxidil loss makes more sense causing quicker onset loss after cessation of use but the...
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    RU58841: 2 or 3 questions for the experts

    Its an Anti androgen with a short half life 1 hour with its metabolites having a half life of 20 hours. It doesnt stop the androgen activity once you stop. Makes sense which is why you see the same from stopping minoxidil
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    The Real Cause Of Hairloss ? Dht Still Bad. Its Not What You Think.

    Mmm if that were true then youd expect to see people in colder climates have a lower degree of hair loss. Especially for people in alaska for example since these.people are known have a higher brown far content also brown fat is naturally accumulated in colder climates.
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    Alternate to ethanol for ru58841 solution in the UK?

    Its ethanol its supposed to dry in a minute. Also you wouldnt want a strong Anti androgen to be stuck on your head not being absorbed youd leave it everywhere
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    Alternate to ethanol for ru58841 solution in the UK?

    Yes itll work. Most chemicals are dissolved in ethanol for solutions because its a polar solvent. There are better solvents like DMSO but ethanol is fairly well received in topical solution which is why places selling RU use it. You can use everclear or whatever as well. I just bought the pharma...
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    Procyanidin Oligomers Selectively And Intensively Promote Proliferation Of Mouse Hair Epithelial Cel

    Theres a bunch of studies of procyanidin b2 being really.effective. the issue is that its incredibly.difficult to source the compound at the concentrations they use in the studies which is 1%. Trying to buy 100mg costs a couple 100 bucks. Also procyanidin arent the most stable and generally have...
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    Alternate to ethanol for ru58841 solution in the UK?

    Yeah so pharma ethanol isnt meant for drinking. I cant remember exactly why but it has to do the chemicals.that come alongside it during process of making it. Liquor typically is distilled while i think theres stuff like benzene in the pharma stuff. Its just wine you dont wanna...