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    Started Noticing Worsening Tinnitus After Starting 5% Minoxidil X2 Daily

    I started with oral minoxidil 7 months ago, before I had a slight intermittent tinnitus before taking it, after this time I have not noticed any variation, not more not less, not increase in frequency... in case it helps someone
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    Taking the plunge. Advice appreciated - Oral minoxidil

    5 drops,( 1ml syringe) equals about 5mg, took at night and only once a day. I chose like this for comfort
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    Taking the plunge. Advice appreciated - Oral minoxidil

    my experience ...5 drops oral min start without shedding, week 4 to week 8 massive shedding, week 9 to 10 reduction, since week 11 there is no shedding, I'm in the month 4
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    New positive result study with Blue LED therapy!

    Please let us know how you apply the blue light and the results you get over time.
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    Taking the plunge. Advice appreciated - Oral minoxidil

    spring there is a final cycle of hair that normally falls out during the next three months. I think it is normal in a few weeks it should be normalized
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    10mg Oral Minoxidil and no results...

    which product do you use exactly and what dosage and on what areas etc?
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    Discovered new low pain way to dermaroll

    pain is not necessary, we are in the 21st century, you can buy anesthetic cream for tattoos type tktx, apply only to the most sensitive areas, that are usually the temples, wait 20 minutes and apply dermaroler or pen
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    Is dutasteride liver safe long term

    Here is an expert trichologist who talks about the safety of dutateride in treating hair loss among other treatments.
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    Is dutasteride liver safe long term

    yes i started taking dutasteride just for hair and after finasteride didn't work for me. I take 0.5 daily
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    Is dutasteride liver safe long term

    I have not always been constant, I tried to reduce frequency over the years but when you reduce the dose you notice some hair loss, very slow but it happened that way. I stopped doing experiments and stayed taking 0.5 daily
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    What are your thoughts on my hair? 30 years old!

    What a big jerk. Gay men here also fight for their baldness and they sure don't need to make fun of other men to make other guys think he's tooooo macho. any contribution will always be appreciated
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    Tried Putting Beta Alanine Powder On My Scalp And Resulted In Extreme Itch

    The dermarroller allows you to pass preparations that otherwise is not possible, if you repeat the process a few times to see if there is significant data write it all down, :-) ... I'm doing experiments and maybe one of them will work.
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    Hair growth promotion effects of ultra-high molecular weight poly-γ-glutamic acid

    I understand that there are hundreds of things that have not worked but it is the reason for this foro, prejudices are your future baldness because people who try new things will stop posting for people like you. So I can't find poly-γ-glutamic acid but glutamic acid can and it is quite cheap...