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    \rogaine doing more damage ?

    You may want to brave it out for 6 months before you decide. I couldn't bare it, so I quit and now my hair looks much better up front. The thing I wonder is if the minoxidil was finally kicking in at the same time I quit. I guess if it starts looking worse, then I will know. It's totally up to...
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    Anyone sucessfully quit Rogaine

    Well, since quitting I have successfully grown back the hair that minoxidil made fall out.
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    \rogaine doing more damage ?

    Most people are going to say that 2 months isn't enough time to judge whether it will work for you. They will also say that the shedding is that of weakened hairs and they will grow back stronger. I am not sure of this as I quit rogaine for the same reasons you are contemplating it. I really...
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    Anyone regret starting foam?

    Well, maybe I didn't wait it out long enough, but I had to trust my instincts. I'm just saying that I have seen many regrowth pics from minoxidil, but it never looks anything other than the "so what, who cares, still balding" type of hair. I'd love to see your pics.
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    Anyone regret starting foam?

    I regret it!! Thankfully after dropping it my hair is getting thicker, but it is my belief that minoxidil NEVER EVER produces "quality" hair. Who gives a sh*t if you get peach fuzz?? It's not enough to be a cosmetic improvement. Finasteride on the other hand, clearly has a cosmetic effect.
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    Effect of finasteride on frontal scalp - share your story

    Finasteride is definitely thickening up all of my hair including the front, but it only started happening after I dropped the foam. This is my second time on Finasteride. The first time I used it for 6 months and my hair looked incredible, but I quit because I foolishly thought I had pre-gyno...
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    full head of hair....shedding

    I really don't think it's the finasteride. It's minoxidil, or at least it was for me. I think finasteride is a wonder drug. It's all the other topical crap that destroys your hair IMO.
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    8 months on finasteride. Good so far!! With Pics

    It looks really good. Do you happen to have any pics prior to starting Finasteride? I am in total agreement with you on staying off of minoxidil unless it's a last ditch effort. I don't think minoxidil grows quality hair and everytime I have experimented with it, my hair looks worse. I am a good...
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    Need advice

    Hey guys, For the past 3 months I've been on the big three with very promising results. As I was running out of Propecia, I decided to go generic because I figured it was a lifetime commitment. I ordered Finpecia from United Pharmacy. It arrived from Hong Kong. Now after 3 pills I am...
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    Propecia Journal: New Pic Aug 2008*Update*

    I don't understand how people don't see a difference. His hair looks much thicker then baseline and his hairline is much better. It's a perfect head of hair now!! Congrats!