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    Fullheads In Leading / Management Positions

    Yeah, There are some powerful bald men out there like Bezos. I guess, shaving your head and not having to worry about hair loss and not being occupied with having sex with beautiful women anymore frees up a lot of energy that can be put into growing one of the largest business on earth :) Jokes...
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    Fullheads In Leading / Management Positions

    Okay, I was just bored and created this topic. But I can't help but notice, that at my firm all management level people (C-level) have great hair. Each one of them. Coincidence? Maybe. Did they go through life with high confidence cause they didn't have to deal with hairloss and rose to...
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    Dutasteride Mesotherapy Battle Group : Homer Simpson Edition

    Can someone pls explain me if topical finasteride and dutaseteride go systemic, how injecting dutasteride wont go systemic?
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    The All Purpose Hair Loss In The Media Thread

    f*ck he looks young. He "aged well" I guess...
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    Tsuji - News Successfully Developed An Expansion Method Of Hf Derived Stem Cells

    I don't want to sh*t on anyone's parade, but do you think if they solved the biggest hurdle in hair multiplication that no one has done before, they would tell it in an email to a random guy first?...
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    Why Does My Bald Spot Feel Much Hotter Than The Rest Of My Scalp?

    ask a shaved bald guy to test it on the sides and on the top.
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    Why The Fu*k Is There Baldness In The World

    no way, they wouldn't had cast him in a lead role.... maybe as a villain.
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    Exercise And Male Pattern Baldness Study

    correlation does not mean causation.
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    Hair Repigmentation During Immunotherapy

    If repigmentation occured, shouldn he have to grow all that hair from the base? Thats a lot of hair for just a few month.
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    Tofacitinib (jak Inhibitor Ointment)

    Let's assume you are right. Then I must assume - since I believe they are knowledgeable people - that they know as well that JAK inhibitors wont work for Androgenetic Alopecia. We also know that JAK inhibitors work for Alopecia Areata and they bought a shitload of JAK inhibitor patent. So what is your opinion...
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    Study Sheds Light On Regulation Of Hair Growth Across The Entire Body

    "Nie noted that laboratory experiments can be insufficient to study complex biological functions, such as hair growth across the entire skin. "In such cases, mathematical modeling can greatly assist in the discovery process," he said. "Our new mathematical model predicted details of signaling...
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    Concealer while Swimming...?

    Dude, in every one of your post you advertise prothik.
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    Italian Hair Loss Lotion To Hit The Market In 2016

    I think Fidia said when this thread reaches 500 pages, they'll release the lotion.
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    Who Would Help Fund A Kerastem Therapy?

    9 participants, 6 were followed.. I wonder howmany of those were men and whats the deviation.
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    Tofacitinib (jak Inhibitor Ointment)

    I don't have the medical knowledge to make an educated guess here, but what if the origin of psoriasis is deeper in the skin. Wouldn't that explain why JAK inhibitors don't have to "migrate up"? I also saw cases of Vitiligo where oral JAK inhibitors didn't work. And other cases where topical JAK...