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    Men Attractiveness Rating 1-10 Scale List

    An alleged method of looksmaxxing that can give a better jaw and mandible all by breathing through your diaphragm and a Tongue to palate(upper inside of your mouth) posture. Takes time but works(not sure) Dr Mike Mew started it and went on. Look it up if you feel like it.
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    Men Attractiveness Rating 1-10 Scale List

    Kinda Off topic but Guys what are your views on Mewing(Tongue to palate) in adult men/women and done with no surgery?? Views on Mike Mew??
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    Hollywood Romance Expert And Feminist Aziz Ansari Alleged To Be A Violator Of Women

    I'm triggered AND aware at the same time of my nation's shortcoming. Their is constructive criticism(pj) and their is just blatant sh*t talking (jean) and likely their is also some sort of refuttal(saurabh). I know exactly how attractive indian men and women are and I am comfortable with them...
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    The Most Probable Scenario 123 33 3

    Personally I'd just kidnap my younger brother, sedate him, and then take out all of his Donor hair and transplant them into me. Could atleast a nw2.5 I'm pretty sure.... Follow this by those drugs for life that transplant patients take so that there immune system doesn't react negatively with...
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    I See My Scalp Whenever My Hair Is Wet

    Usual thing to happen if you are born with not much density. Nothing to worry about if it doesn't fit your hair loss regions.
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    Jordan Spieth Vs Danny Willett: Age And Hair Loss

    Man I wanna fool around and not look like a fool.
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    I have just had a hair transplant with DHI,

    DHI and. Bio-FUE are just glorified terms for simple FUE where they treat you as a fool and charge extra for sub par to average service and quote enough to get their Kids through School. Exp:- Virendra Sehwag WITHOUT any concealer.
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    Fredthebelgium..............white Polar Bear

    Would be more helpful if Fred himself chimed in....
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    Sugar-baby Law Student, 29, Gets Rich, Older Men To Pay Her £100,000 University Fees (plus Spoil Her

    Typical blonde p**rn star looking. I have been so bored by this, my eyes get dry when I see them, but someone like Salma Hayek on the other hand is just exquisite.....
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    Ogre Ogre Ogre Ogre Ogre (sry 7 Words)

    Same stance as stanx
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    Whatevr's Success Story - With Timeline

    Man it I'd be great if someone confirm that low doses of 20-40mg work. Would save ton as I'm from India and they price I have to buy it is ridiculous as of now for me. Alsp, does anyone think the price of RU58841 would be going down?? Remember back in 2011-11 it was much more costly.
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    Whatevr's Success Story - With Timeline

    You referring to El_Duterino
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    Hi their, would you mind doing an Update of your current Condition??

    Hi their, would you mind doing an Update of your current Condition??