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    1 Year, 9 month Update....

    I haven't been here in a while but here is my update. Background… 32 year old male, family history of male pattern baldness. I started Propecia and Rogaine in combination in October of 2004 (I use Nizoral 2% every 3 days too).... Well... The results have been short of AMAZING!! Before treatment I...
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    1 Year & 7 Months, short update

    BadHairDecade~ I have followed your progression since I've joined this forum cause your hair is as close to mine I've seen, although it's a short cut. My results (Oct 2004) have been really well. I've actually started to grow my hair long again! I figure I can go shoulder length nicely. I did...
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    Saw Palmetto?

    Has anyone heard about this vitamin as a supplement? I heard it is recommended to treat a large prostate (which is parallel to prescription Proscar --> Propecia...) Does anyone take this as a supplement to Propecia, Rogaine etc? Matt
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    2 year mark for Propecia

    The funny thing is he's not a Derm Doctor he's an ER Doctor (I grew up with him) but is married to a Derm Doctor and she got him on this regimen about 4 years ago and last year I was talking to him about my concerns about male pattern baldness and he told me to get on Rogaine, Propecia ASAP. At first I was skeptical but 9...
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    Gray hair observation...

    I was talking to a guy at work today and he's got a great head of hair, full and thick - no signs of loss at all. He's about 43. All he was complaining about was that his hair is starting to gray. I'm listening politely, nodding my head in concern but thinking… “What a f-ing a—hole!!! I...
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    2 year mark for Propecia

    Your photo consistency is the best I've seen on this site besides BadHairDecade. Great job the mole on your right side is a great 'progress marker'. I've been using Propecia, Rogaine and Nizoral Since Oct '04 and I love the results. I talked to my Doctor the other day and he said it should...
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    Link to some Q&A and info about hair loss...

    I just trying to help others who may like to do some research outside this site.
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    Link to some Q&A and info about hair loss...

    I know we've all probably done thousands of hours of research to find as much info about our losing hair, but here is a nice "Health Focus" A Miami news station did: ... f=hairloss Enjoy, Matt
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    10 month update...

    Been taking Propecia and minoxidil since Oct 2004. I supplement with Centrum and Nizoral 2%. My results, thank God, have been great. I was not bald yet but getting there. I would say major thinning in my crown and vertex. My crown is fully grown back, thicker too. To my suprise, the vertex and...
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    Seeing great results, how long will last?

    Yes I did shed. At first panic sets in but it's natural. It will regrow and grow back better.
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    Seeing great results, how long will last?

    I've started Propecia and Rogaine in Oct 2004. Since, I've had great results. Bald spot almost gone and front hair line and top of head thicker. Now it's been 7 months, will I see the results get even better or will I steady out?
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    Bruce Willis on Daily Show

    Bald (shaved like Bruce Willis) only looks good on a white guy if... 1. your head is nice and round... 2. you are in good shape - nice toned body, girls can over look a bald guy if he's ripped... 3. looks semi-tan, not George Hamilton, just a good healthy color.
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    Nizoral A-D v. Nizoral 2%

    Thanks for the pic, MMMM..... Interesting, the 2% bottle I have is different - the color is white but the labeling and the shape is different. The actual color of the shampoo is the same as the cover though. Like you, I also have the 1% over the counter stuff. I'm thinking of not using it...
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    Nizoral A-D v. Nizoral 2%

    I bought Nizoral 2% on United website (Oversea company - didn't need prescription) and the manufacturer is Janssen-Cilag. Is this same Nizoral 2% that they sell with a prescription like in Canada? I'm in the U.S. and they sell Nizoral A-D here OTC. What's the difference and is the...
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    Stress related shedding, or normal shedding?

    I’m new to these forums and I want to say I’ve been using this site and these forums to gather some very, very good info regarding male pattern baldness. I have a question, and I apologize if it’s been asked before. I’m 30 and have been using Propecia and Rogaine together since mid-October 2004...