10 month update...


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Been taking Propecia and minoxidil since Oct 2004. I supplement with Centrum and Nizoral 2%.

My results, thank God, have been great. I was not bald yet but getting there. I would say major thinning in my crown and vertex. My crown is fully grown back, thicker too. To my suprise, the vertex and top of head has also grown more thicker hair.

My friend, who is also a Doctor, told me to do the dual regimen Pro/Minix. I'm glad I did.

I did shed in the beginning, that is going to happen. I still occasionally shed but know I now that that is a good sign.

To all- hang in there, be patient.

Anyone else at 10 or 11 months too?



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I just started the 4 month mark. No noticeable improvements yet - but I remai optimistic. :hairy:


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check out my sucess story, it's in this section.

One year on finasteride (almost) and two years on minoxidil.

I have had great results with no sides (except minor acne here and there)

The sh*t works


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By the way, if you have mild acne from Propecia, you can treat it with vitamin A. It works like Accutane, but since doses are very low, you have no side effects of Accutane.


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I am at 11 months too (only 1mg finasteride), approaching the one year mark. Results are ambiguous. Accelerated temple recession (which i barely had before starting treatment) that seems to slow down a bit now, maintainance on top/ vertex. Still continuously shedding, but i am growing more confident. A couple of months ago i was scared that i would have RH, but i tend to conclude now that finasteride just takes a very long time for me to do its good work.


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One of my favorite life sayings and man alive! one which definitely applies to ALL of us here is..."Good things happen to those who wait". Not only can you see progress on top but one of the tremendous lasting benefits is the amazing personal growth that can happen when faced with a daily challenge.


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hear hear Greg!

im into my 4th month of dutasteride and can conclusively say there has been an improvement. i was a diffuse thinner, with moderate tempolar and harline recession. i use Dr REDDYS DUTAS from United Pahramacies.

results thus far, overall thickening, no sheds. i used to have acquired progressive kinking of the hair which was turning my hair into pubes. no joke. seriously all curly and coarse. i have pictures of some that have fallen out recently and when compared to normal hair from the back of my head, they look like as if they're from different people. anyway, this pubesque hair growth has stopped! and hair is beginning to become smooth and kinda straight again. also, my temples are just beginining to respond. hairline is marginally thicker also. so here's hpoing for continued regrowth!

and yes i am using twice the daily dose of 0.5 mg. 2 caplets at night last thing before bed, usually 3 hours after a meal. no minoxidil, i just couldnt deal with the inconvenience. also i use nizoral on and off.

also i used to have nasty itching, ie an itch every 2/3 mins during pre-dutasteride days. now i have it maybe once an hour or less!

my male pattern baldness started when i was 16. a started treatment at 18.5. although i expected good results, i had read articles saying that if male pattern baldness starts young and aggresively, then expect it to be the most hardest of all to stop, never mind reverse. the atricle said the most i could expect is slow down. well, here i am - getting regrowth! this is proof that young people can achieve results with anti-dht medicines.

Good luck guys!