Stress related shedding, or normal shedding?


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I’m new to these forums and I want to say I’ve been using this site and these forums to gather some very, very good info regarding male pattern baldness.

I have a question, and I apologize if it’s been asked before.

I’m 30 and have been using Propecia and Rogaine together since mid-October 2004. (Started thinning in the crown and vertex) Around Mid-Nov. I noticed the typical shedding associated with Rogaine. 2 Months later (Jan) I started to see some really good growth in my crown and around the vertex. I noticed and everyone around did too. Then, late Jan I broke my ankle that required two night stay in a hospital and surgery. Now, flash forward to March 1 – I’ve noticed shedding again (crown mostly), it seems like I have degressed.

Now the question -

Is this shedding associated with typical shedding patterns?
Could it be associated to the recent traumatic stress associated with my injury?
Should I not worry and just wait it out? Has this happened to anyone else?




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hey msb.....i started using rogaine 5% in the beginning of october/2004!!

i went through the first inital major shed, then i had some regrowth, the this month, i noticed that i was shedding again!!!

my shedding has now stopped and i am noticing some regrowth again!!

just stick with it baby!!!!