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    Welp This Might Be The End Of My Fight

    I'd rather have hair than pointless morning wood. My erections are fine, maybe a little weaker but it's hard to say. As long as you masturbate 2-3 times a week there is no need for having wet dreams or morning wood. Also finasteride is a poison but RU is fine? I'm sorry, what?
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    Welp This Might Be The End Of My Fight

    Update for who cares: It's been 2 weeks and a half since my last dose of finasteride. The testicle pain stopped two days after my last dose and didn't come back yet so I think it's safe to assume that finasteride was what caused the pain. I'm going to continue until I finish a month without finasteride. After that I...
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    Finasteride For 6 Years * Update + Concerns *

    Try not taking finasteride for a month or two before you decide it was that caused it.
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    Baldcafe, The New Sly Bald Guys Forums.

    I think it's important to have a positive space for people who don't want to use finasteride, min, and other hair loss products. Just like we have this forum to support people in their fight against hairloss there should be a place to support people who accept their hair loss and decide to shave. I...
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    Welp This Might Be The End Of My Fight

    I don't live in a country where it's easy for me to ship medicine there. I really only have access to finasteride, dutasteride, and min. I would need to make my own topical finasteride mixture but that doesn't sound too safe.
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    Welp This Might Be The End Of My Fight

    Been on finasteride for 3 years now but suddenly a month ago I started getting testicle pain and it's still present. It's not really exactly on the testicle but on the area connecting the groin to the scrotum. Went to the doctor and did a urine test and ultrasound of my testicles and everything is good...
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    A Good Interview Between A Bald Man And A Man In A Wig.

    I have nothing against people who embrace being bald and try to help other guys embrace it but this guy is a joke. I went to his channel and saw his older videos and he doesn't look bad with his trimmed beard tbh. Do you have a pic of him before his hairloss?
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    A Buzzcut Is Really Unforgiving When You Start To Lose Density

    I generally disagree with that guy but I also agree that bald isn't inherently hot and nor is it inherently ugly. I can bring up bald guys who are much more attractive (to me at least) than guys with a full head of hair and I can also do the opposite. Hair loss is not a factor for me when...
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    A Buzzcut Is Really Unforgiving When You Start To Lose Density

    I'm gay and I'd let Bruce Willis and Statham hit it ngl lol
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    Is Society On Its Way To Collapse ?

    How do you explain some animal species that actually have females being the "alpha"? Also just in general read up on the whole alpha and beta thing. For each species it's different and even gray wolves who were first described as having alpha males don't actually have one. You can be the leader...
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    Is Society On Its Way To Collapse ?

    I stopped reading at the point where it started mentioning alpha and beta. What a joke.
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    Kamigami's Story /duta+minoxidil /m,20/ Pics Included

    1.5mm yeah once a week.
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    Does Min's Effect Go Away Even If I'm On finasteride?

    Did you lose any gains? I'm already on finasteride so hopefully I don't lose any gains later.