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    German Researchers (MalliaBioTech) Find CD83-Based Molecule Grows New Hairs, wins M4 Award,Sn7xiiT According to the University of Erlangen, there are already...
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    HairClone will be available in some UK Clinics in "early 2022" - Paul Kemp, HairClone CEO

    15:30 timestamp very interesting video.. he is speaking at the ISHRS 2021 bros in the UK should start reaching out to prominent hair transplant clinics to see if theyre partnering with hairclone and get a possible price estimate
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    Apparently Tsuji has started clinical trials

    this is probably the single biggest news ever in terms of actual progression of a "functional cure" to market remember japans laws for such treatments are extremely favorable, allowing transition to market after phase ii trials if enough safety/efficacy is shown... add to that wanting the press...
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    New study - FOXC1 and NFATC1 help "trap" hair follicle stem cells

    new study from dr yi showed that foxc1 and nfatc1 are protective against hair loss... write up from the new york times: original study: any ideas on how to upregulate foxc1...
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    Update From The God Himself - Dr. Takashi Tsuji

    3 year anniversary of this thread incoming... shoutout to everyone on this site that called me a liar for making this thread lmao for the first time i really feel like the functional cure is actually "5 years away" or sooner have another sip of some copium brothers we are closer to salvation...
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    PTD-DBM and GHK-Cu, Zn-Thymulin Products

    id caution against using ptd dbm.. theres a reason they reformulated it into ky-19382 ...
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    Bayer Prolactin Receptor Antibody For Male And Female Pattern Hair Loss

    jumping on the brolactin bandwagon and adding a possible further connection: The post-orgasmic prolactin increase following intercourse is greater than following masturbation and suggests greater satiety Research indicates that prolactin increases...
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    RIKEN Announcement: Succeeded in Developing Tech for HF Regenerative Medicine: Study to be Published Feb 10

    three years ago i posted this thread from the trenches... on wednesday we may very well have the "cure" this is it boys start saving/investing now
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    Dermal Exosomes Containing Mir-218-5p Promote Hair Regeneration By Regulating Β-catenin Signaling

    posted about this here heres the story about it
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    Restoring Wnt/β-catenin Signaling Is A Promising Therapeutic Strategy

    this got buried but it may be the future of wnt/beta catenin signaling as a therapy relevant study from this summer: "MiRNAs are...
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    Stimulating Mirnas To Regenerate Hair Follicles “Cell therapy with the 3D cells could be an effective treatment for baldness, but you have to grow, expand, preserve and inject those cells into the area,” Cheng says. “MiRNAs, on the other hand, can be utilized in small molecule-based...
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    Update From The God Himself - Dr. Takashi Tsuji

    march 4&5, mark your calendars boys
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    Update From The God Himself - Dr. Takashi Tsuji

    i think i deserve an apology from everyone who called bs on this post lmao all hail tsuji we gon make it boys
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    Japan - Feb 2018 - Scale Production Of Biofabrication Of Hair Follicle For Regenerative Medicine

    "Single HBs with epithelial cells seeded in U-shaped microwells formed dumbbell-like structures comprising respective aggregates (named bead-based hair follicle germs, bbHFGs), during 3 days of culture. bbHFGs efficiently generated hair follicles upon intracutaneous transplantation into the...