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    Sm04554 (samumed) Has Started Phase Iii

    Kane seems to be selling this now but I hear his purity lately has been very low, shame about alibaba too
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    Stemson is going to use minipigs in the next stage of their hair cloning research

    Yeah it's not too far off considering they use robotics for follicle extraction already.
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    99% alcohol source for anyone looking!

    I thought isopropyl wasn't safe for the skin compared to ethyl though
  4. J – more lab results

    Hey could you pm me your source of cetirizine powder? Hope it's ok to ask publicly since it's something available everywhere. Thanks
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    PGE2 regimen: How to apply PGE2 with RU and minoxidil

    pge2 is soluble at higher percentages of alcohol too right? Saw some people just mix it with only water without any results which isn't surprising. thanks
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    Topical Bicalutamide Seems To Be Working Well For Me

    I'd recommend initially mixing it in high percentage ethyl alcohol before stemox, in my experience things dissolve a bit better with that, but idk how difficult 95% ethyl alcohol is to obtain in france as I'm sadly stuck in America. I have dupa as well but am a 20 year old male but good luck
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    Body Hairs To Head Transplant! Is It Worth It?

    I wonder how body hair would respond to minoxidil or pge2 after being transplanted, as minoxidil can thicken beard hair too idk why people would degrade their facial collagen for a bigger beard. I also wanted to know if there have been follicle extraction from normal facial hair on the face...
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    Microneedling Faqs: Procedures, Studies And Such

    Been using pge2 as well in everclear, how often do you dose it?
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    Inhibiting 15-pgdh: Taking The Prostglandin Protocol To The Next Level

    Same if anyone knows I'd be appreciative, also for TM cuz people seem sold out even the ones who list it will say they're out when I message them
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    Inhibiting 15-pgdh: Taking The Prostglandin Protocol To The Next Level

    Also anyone notice a reduction is shedding with SW? Currently using OC and pge2 along with oral castor oil and have seen a small reduction
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    Inhibiting 15-pgdh: Taking The Prostglandin Protocol To The Next Level

    What's your Tm source tried to get some a month or 2 ago but everyone was out
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    Synthetic hair

    Where'd you get your done?
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    Hair Today Hair Tomorrow Hair Forever

    Sorry could someone explain what 'Sag' stands for thanks
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    Is There A Better Forum To Discuss New Research And Studies

    There's a discord that doesn't seem to have any nazis that a lot of people are doing experimental treatments on