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    my hair system

    - - - Updated - - - looks great ive always fancy getting a full cap .are they hard work
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    martin macmillan

    here is martins site
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    martin macmillan

    went to ba convention last may well if u could call it a convention lol anyway while i was there a guy came over very chatty and seemed to know his stuff turns out he lived in southport about a hour away from me . he gave me his email address and a few months later i got in touch with him...
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    should i tell

    lol cheers hairizzcomeback i can see my self as a budding Ian Rankin .. update .girlfriend as been great she really as and if i say is my hair ok she will say its fine dont worry about it .... well had some good news we are going to have a baby really made up with it bit scary lol...
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    How are hair pieces attached?

    hi thetodd i use white glue at the front and tape at the back i get about 5 to 6 days hold theres no way it will fly off lol..
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    Whitecliffs (Australia) experience and thoughts

    i was in touch with him a few years back . he was running this bussines with thats him in the pic he seems like a top guy
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    UK hair replacement

    hi mothernature where in the uk are u
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    should i tell

    hi monty1978 i have sent u a pm
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    should i tell

    i thought i do a update me and the gf are living together now things are good she said not really said much about the hair i do catch her looking at it now and then she did run her hand at the back of my head last night i was thinking dont go any higher lol but she didnt . now and then...
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    Whitecliffs (Australia) experience and thoughts

    noneother what are whitecliffs charging for a system
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    Warning about B.A. Hair Apparent

    ya eric was the moderator of ba site . he didnt post that much towards the end think he kept a low profile . i dont think he as anything to do with ba anymore . hes being linked with debbie and i no debbie wont be linked with ba as hes let her down as well . i will give him a go defo at...