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went to ba convention last may well if u could call it a convention lol
anyway while i was there a guy came over very chatty and seemed to know his stuff turns out he lived in southport about a hour away from me . he gave me his email address and a few months later i got in touch with him about getting a hair cut
wow what a cut the blending the style spot on , he teaches hairdressing at a college so he is up to date with all the latest trends . any way few months later he emails me to say hes selling systems so i set him a template and 6 weeks later i get a call to say the system had come . so few days later i went up for the cut in wow the hair was tops the density came back spot on its now about 3 months after the fitting and the hair is still spott on no colour fade the lace is as good as hen i first got it made up overall :) so anyone one in the uk
whos new or old to wearing give him a go you wont be dissappointed. just felt people should no about him . and he does systems for ladys too.
heres his email . he does have a website coming