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    Very Impressive Dermarolling And Minxodil Results - From Tressless

    Why do you even entertain these whinny kids?
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    Checking Back After A While--this Is Depressing should buy a new domain.
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    Replicel Is On Fire Lately — Data In Feb.

    CB _maybe_ before 2023, 5 years later _maybe_ Follica. Sorry bro. Been saying this for quite some time. RCH has been a disappointment in the first round of clinical studies and we know this for quite some time. Why people expected miracles from this drug is beyond me. Replicel is a shitty...
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    Very Impressive Dermarolling And Minxodil Results - From Tressless

    It's typical minoxidil cycle shedding. You can see it in studies and there's a ton of anecdotal evidence on these forums alone that it happens.
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    Dutasteride... Hairloss Progressing

    Don't stop. You can add dermarolling, minoxidil, oral minoxidl and/or RU/CB, keto shampoo, maybe Scalpicin but that's about it. Everything else is bullshit.
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    Where To Get Dutasteride ( Avodart ) In Europe?

    Hi guys, just wondering where to get Dutasteride ( legit Avodart ) in Europe. I'm running out of it, so any suggestions are welcome. p.s. If this thread goes against the terms of this site, I apologize, just delete it.
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    Transitioning From finasteride To dutasteride Thread: Advice, Experiences, Veterans, Etc.

    Been of finasteride for 7 years, switched to duta, works much much better. Just my experience.
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    A Poll About Efficacy For Those Who Do Or Have Needled Their Scalp

    How was your hair before? I'm also doing 1mm every 14 days now for about a month. A lot of shedding and not a lot of regrowth but it's too soon for any conclusions. Will see.
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    Has Anyone Tried Higher Dose Finasteride??

    It's the same. More than 1mg is useless.
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    Why Is This Study Ignored In The Hair Loss Community?

    Lol Me still believes follicles are sensitive to DHT bro