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    Rubbing Ginger Juice Cured Alopecia Areata (my Experience)

    Hi Dan, I've written about it in length here. But just to address your question - I think it will be effective if the situation is stable, meaning that the patches currently stay the same and are not expending or new ones are created. If it's not stable (and even if it is) - it's important to...
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    Rubbing Ginger Juice Cured Alopecia Areata (my Experience)

    It's just a precaution which in my view should be adopted since other known JAK inhibitors may cause side effects so in the absence of safety studies it would be wise to not intermix other treatments specifically ones which work by wounding (minoxidil may be fine but I don't know). If it's...
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    Rubbing Ginger Juice Cured Alopecia Areata (my Experience)

    @whatevr Do you have alopecia areata on the beard or just sparse hair growth? if you have alopecia areata then I'm sure it will work great for you just give it at least one month to see initial results, if it's not alopecia areata I don't think it will do much.. @SmoothSailing I honestly don't...
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    Rubbing Ginger Juice Cured Alopecia Areata (my Experience)

    Hi all, I've had an alopecia areata patch on my beard for the past 2 years. I've tried some treatments which didn't make much difference, until I began rubbing ginger juice on the hairless patch once every few days. After just few weeks I started to see some lost hair growing back and after...
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    Adenosine products

    Not necessarily agree. The 5aR enzymes are not spread in a uniform manner across the entire body - a great amount are concentrated approximate to the hair follicles. Hence, finasteride which is applied topically may have better chance of deactivating the 5aR in the scalp whereas finasteride which is taken...
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    Dutasteride isn't lowering my serum DHT??? (blood tests)

    Your results worth nothing without having baseline results to compare it to. It may be that you had beforehand 4000 PMOL/L (thus it helped alot) and it may be you had 2100 PMOL/L (thus it didn't help). The only thing you can do right now in order to know what effect it has on you is stop using...
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    Have u personally had any sideffects with Propecia/Finasteride/Proscar?

    I've started finsteride 1mg/day about ~4 months ago. Had sexual sides (reduced libido + watery sperm + soft erections) for the first few weeks. Nowadays - the sides are not noticeable or mild (however sometimes I feel the inside of my throat swelling about 2 hours after taking the pill -...
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    Got blood test. Start finasteride or not?

    Hi amigo, I'm not an endocrinologist but I've read a lot on the subject before starting to take Finasteride. Firstly, for general knowledge: 1. I've read in one study (don't remember where) that people with Androgenetic Alopecia (androgenic alopecia) have lower testosterone level in average (although...
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    My Initial Thoughts On Pumpkin Seed Oil

    Did some research about it and it appears that although the study that checked it (pubmed: 24864154) claims to have checked the effect of PSO, actually the product which they used contains many other ingredients according to the manufacturer (octacosanol, mixed vegetable powder, evening prim...
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    L- Pantothenic acid and ​L-Cysteine Works to lower Sebum

    not sure it's a good thing for hair loss though, many sources claim too much of vitamin A cause hair loss (for example: it's not a study, but you may want to do some research about it (update on your...
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    My Initial Thoughts On Pumpkin Seed Oil

    Have you continued to take the Pumpkin Seed Oil? Any 6 months update?
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    Getting RU58841 Phase II documents from the FDA?

    Hi guys, I've stumbled upon the response letter of Merck to Frankel (who criticized them for recommending the 1mg dose of finasteride for hairloss instead of lower dose) In this letter they say that he had achieved the trial documents using the 'Freedom of Information Act'. ("...the documents obtained...