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    My Journey With Dr Demirsoy 2042 Grafts Armamed With Pics

    Looks like some slight early growth as your temples look improved. More growth ahead.
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    Very Impressive Dermarolling And Minxodil Results - From Tressless

    Great progress man! Your wavy hair is similar to mine, but I have lots of grey on the sides, try using a good organic conditioner and then blow dry your hair only on cool setting while brushing, should help make wavy hair more manageable.
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    3500 Graft Fue Turkey - My Progress So Far

    Thanks for confirming, glad to hear that.
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    3500 Graft Fue Turkey - My Progress So Far

    Due to the light color of your hair compared to OP, in my opinion from looking at your donor area photos,I think it looks good given the amount of grafts taken and especially that short a cut.
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    3500 Graft Fue Turkey - My Progress So Far regards to the stuck and stunted grafts in your crown....have you asked the clinic why they are stuck and not growing? I’ve read that some people use tweezers to gently pull out the stuck stunted hair as it may be blocking the graft from making new hair to grow, I would test it with...
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    3500 Graft Fue Turkey - My Progress So Far

    Oh man, the over harvesting outline does look bad, you definitely should tell the clinic to refund all of your money, and if the try to give you any bullshit tell them you will make videos naming them and showing the awful job they did and posting it to, I definitely recommend you...
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    Follica Microneedling Protocol Patent Disclosed

    Your point makes sense, although, you may grow additional new hair follicles surrounding the FUE scars to give an appearance of better density. I did some microneedling on my donor left side were I saw a small patch of what looked to me to be over harvested from my hair transplant procedure, and I see new...
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    3k/fue Hair Transplant Targeting Sept. Worth It? Or?

    Just saw this update and remembered commenting that you were in good hands with. H & W and for just 5.5 months it looks fantastic, with plenty more progress ahead, congrats man! Ps. Do keep updating your progress as it may help others.
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    Hair Transplant By Dr Koray Erdoğan

    Sadly, it sucks people don’t update their prigress threads here much, go check out the forum on hair restoration network under the patient posted results link you’ll find lots there.
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    Clinics That Use Body Hair As Donor ?

    I was not aware of this, great information SeanFue!
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    Clinics That Use Body Hair As Donor ?

    That’s true, although if you have good dense beard hair than that is what can give you good density if needed.
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    Clinics That Use Body Hair As Donor ?

    In Turkey, the best BHT seems to be from HLC clinic, and I believe Cinik’s clinic but done by techs not doctors.
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    Go More Bald Or Have hair transplant Straight Away.

    Hey man, In my opinion, I would stick to the finasteride & minoxidil and come off the TRT and do the hair transplant when you and the Doctor feel it’s right....then after a year of your results or more, if you are able to, taper back on to TRT, because..even though the donor hairs are “genetically resistant” to DHT they...
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    First Fue Transplant 5100 Grafts 10 Months Post Operation

    I started microneedling my whole scalp with a dr pen derma pen 11 months after my hair transplant and saw great results in 3 months after with better thickness and density and I’m still microneedling, my hair transplant hairs are fine. If I were you I would postpone the 2nd procedure with them and give microneedling and...
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    My Journey With Dr Demirsoy 2042 Grafts Armamed With Pics

    A bit tricky to see since the photos looks a bit blurry but with such a skin fade cut the donor appears normal.