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    Jon Renau Wigs (and Other Name Brands) For Half Off (yes... For Real)

    Okay everyone. I finally found my new go-to website to buy wigs online. has a little-known sister site called that they use to sell returned wigs. I checked into it and these wigs go through inspections and human hair wigs even get re-styled if they need it or whatever to...
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    Hair Loss Scholarship From The Company I Work For!

    Okay everyone, I work at and we just started a brand new scholarship just for people with hair loss! I wanted to come here and share it because it's brand new and there are not many applicants yet! This is our first year doing this so check it out...
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    Pre-made Fake Scalp Wig To Prevent Hair Loss

    Im not sure what you mean by fake scalp wig but if you mean monofilament wigs then yes they are great!
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    wig help...what are the best wigs out there

    Got to try lace frontal wigs they are the most natural looking.
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    wig help...what are the best wigs out there

    you should try human hair wigs with clips sewn in to the wefts to make sure they stay in good. i would stay away from blondes if youre swimming in chlorine though!! it can turn green! lace fronts are great too!
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    I Have Decided I Will Not Kill Myself

    Judoka have you ever thought of trying wigs?? I have alopecia and i put on my wig everyday just like people put of their makeup everyday. If you get the right kind of wig no one can even tell you are wearing one. The good wigs are expensive but you should try them if you are this depressed to...