Would Like To Have An Extra Inch Of Length Added To The Current Unit.


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I am trying to find a company that will either want to add another inch of lace or replace the front french lace by an extra inch OR add an extra inch or so to the back portion of the poly (with added hair) so that my hairline will be further forward. What are my options and what's feasible? Thanks


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I know that my factory will repair our own units, but I don't know of factories that will repair someone else's.

If you can't get your own supplier to do it, I am not sure you will be able to find someone to do it.

Also take into account shipping both directions, and the cost of the repair, you are probably looking at a minimum of $120. Also not sure how long a turn around time factories will have for repairs, especially going into the coming holiday.

How old is your system? You may find it better to just order another with the specs that you need.

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