Worried About 7 Year Old Daughter's Miniaturized Hairs

does your child have any miniaturized hairs if you look closely?

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I have had all of that done with only some elevations in her androgen levels. If you research further, you would see that Androgenetic Alopecia can be brought on in childhood. Any good mother that has been through the agony of worrying about their child's health concerns knows that doctors don't always have the answers and that seeking out fellow mothers for thoughts and guidance can go a long way. Apparently, based on your tone and response, I have picked the wrong forum to get support from. Silly me to assume I could get some input and help from a forum titled "Children's Hair Loss Support". Nice of you to choose a worried mother's post to troll on.

Fair enough. I deleted my post as it came off as insensitive and was unfair since you did already at least see one doctor. I looked and did find this case report of 20 kids. They said all the kids got dermoscopy and some had biopsies done. Has your kid had that yet?


They also said that there was a very strong family predisposition in these cases to androgenic alopecia. Do you have that in your family? Plus that close follow up and endocrine evaluation was recommended.

Also, FYI, there's only like 3-5 women that post regularly on this entire site as far as I know.
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No, I would never put her through that at this stage.

Repeating the original question in my post as I have google and am able to research common causes and diagnostic methods and I have throughly, thank you.

I would be forever grateful if some of you mamas could take 5 minutes to do a close look at your child's hair and see if they happen to have any of these "miniaturized" hairs or hairs that are thinner, shorter, and easy to pull out.

PS...don't mess with a concerned mother. It's very unkind. No need to continue responding to this thread as it's clear your input will not be helpful rather just more upsetting.

That's fine, but dermoscopy is not painful and neither is seeing a dermatologist/endocrinologist for a professional opinion. If it was my kid that's what I'd be doing. If you've already done that and still aren't satisfied, I'd be going back or getting another opinion.

But if you just want to ask parents to pull on their kids' hair and tell you what happens, like I said this site is 99% male, so you'd probably have higher yield asking the "dadas". Good luck.


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Thank you. This is my first night on the forum, and really any forum, so I had no idea what to expect. Sounds like it probably isn't the right place for me and my concerns.

Honestly for your specific request about having parents look at their childrens' heads and pull on their hair to tell you what happens, a general parenting forum would probably have more people that can help you. I think without even doing that the answer would be "yes there are loads of tiny hairs" (as many children still have very fine hair at that age) and "no it does not come out very easily" (as hair should never really come out very easily).

But if you want to evaluate why she is losing hair and what you can do to investigate it, this site might not be bad for that. If you have blood results for her, you could post them. If she saw specialists, you could post what they said about it, etc.

99% of us on this site are guys losing our hair from male pattern hairloss in our 20s/30s/40s.

Personally I would still just recommend you get her in for derm/endocrinologist assessment. That's clearly not normal or common for a girl that age. I would take it seriously and make sure it was fully evaluated.

If there's something potentially wrong with your kid that's very rare like this, I just don't know how much useful information you're gonna get from random people on the Internet, or how much of your decisions it would be wise to base on that (rather than seeing more doctors who specialize in this).
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Hi everyone. I have a major concern RE: my 7.5 year old daughter's hair loss.

Here are some facts / questions I have:

- She had pretty thick and very curly hair in her toddler years (3-6)

- About 7 months ago I noticed very heavy shedding from her. Every time I would put my hands through her hair I would get a small handful of strands--this was multiple times a day (About three months prior she was sick with a fever and a UTI all in the same week; this made me think perhaps it was Telogen Effluvium. I also wondered whether she hit a point in her hair growth cycle where she was shedding a lot of the hairs she had grown 6 years before as I understand the hair growth cycle is about that long)

-I cut her hair around the time of the shedding and also noticed at that time the curl went away

-We started to notice her hair was visibly thinner, especially around her face where she used to have sort of a mane of curly ringlets

-My current main concern is that while the shedding has slowed down (started about June and slowed in August), I've recently noticed some miniaturized hairs growing back. Very light and easy to pull out in comparison with her other terminal hairs.

I would be forever grateful if some of you mamas could take 5 minutes to do a close look at your child's hair and see if they happen to have any of these "miniaturized" hairs or hairs that are thinner, shorter, and easy to pull out. I'm so worried this is a sign of early onset Androgenetic Alopecia :(
Since you mentionned fever I was going for tellogen effluvium. The thin hair could be regrowths? But weird that you can pull them off...
I don't have children and I don't know much about hair loss in children, but it's been my understanding that it's mostly areata that can affect them.
My advice would be to take her to a derm and have a biopsy performed - it is not painful. They could also deduce miniaturisation by looking at her hair only.
I would also Ask for a complete blood test, just to rule out anything else. Check ferritine levels and vit D. A serious depravation of both (anemia,) could explain the hair coming off easily.

Good luck, I really hope it's only temporary and she will get her curls back soon.