Working out and Propecia


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So I started Propecia today and I am a pretty serious weight lifter. Does anyone know if there are any effects on weight lifting. Also, what are some of the most common side effects some people have experienced. I am 22 years old and hoping I won't be to effected sexually. I am also paying $70 a month for propecia 1mg. Any cheaper alternatives?



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I personally would not go down this route. I was around your age when I took Finasteride, although the dose was slightly higher than yours (1.25mg as apposed to 1mg). I used to work out/weight train and took the product for a year. After a couple of months, I noticed some pain in my testicals and also my right breast began to itch and become tender. I developed gyno on my right breast and had to have it surgically removed. Over that year and did not witness any regrowth of new hair at the temples but did not receed any further. However seven years later and my temples have only receeded another cm after no treatment.


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I have been on it for 2 months and haven't noticed a difference. I keep switching my workouts every so often so right now I am on more of a do everything in a hour kick but I feel good.

Sides like the guy above are rare so don't let him scare you, just be aware of any change that doesn't go away in a couple of weeks.


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Wow you're paying alot for propecia.

I got the Wal-Mart pharmacy for mine and it only comes out to about $57 CDN a month.

Maybe you should check out Wal-mart