Women Hair Loss Story. Where Did L Go Wrong


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I am 26 year old girl. I used to have long thick curly hair. The damage started when i was about 18 the quality of my hair deteriorated and l started the downward spiral of hair loss. Currently my hair is very thin and short and the ends are badly split. My hair continues to fall untill today. But it doesn't fall as badly as when it started.

I used to tie it up for the past 8 years and i didnot really care that my hair deteriorated but last year the realization struck me and i started seeking medical help. I went to a couple of dermatologists

Before you proceed l need to tell you that l am from egypt so maybe the health system and names of medications are different

I have family history of androgenetic alopecia and l asked the doctors if maybe that was the problem they said it wasnot.

The first doctor gave me a hair fall medical solution called Anagen Plus designed for patients with androgenetic alopecia. She asked me for some bloid tests to make sure I didnt had any hormonal problem or vietamin deficiency. It turned out that l had no hormonal problem, no problem with thyroid gland funtions,ferritin was fine but i was deficient in veitamin D so she prescribed pills that did bring it back to normal levels.

Overall the medication helped new baby hairs to grow but my hair continued to fall and I even noticed that some of the baby hairs were falling too

I wasnot happy with the result so l went to another dermatologist i also didnot ask this dermtologist about the name of my condition

The second dermatologist that l have been following up with for the past 45 days started PRP sessions along with other medication(again medications designed for those with androgenitic alopecia) and multi vietmains l feel that there are new hairs growing and they are longer than the ones l had when i used to go to the first dermatologist but still my hair continues to fall

The names of the hair loss solutions are
Ducray for hair loss for men
Anagen 2 oumo

The multi veitamin is called Imeeden and he also prescribed iron pills called ferroglobin

The PRP sessions use a technique different from the ones i saw in videos from the U. S. He doesn't inject the needle deep into the head but he just ligtly pricks you with the needle all over the scalp to enhance absorption, i guess this is the logic
He told me i had telegon effilivium

I am desperate and l am just sharing my experience with you all for consolation