Will You Maintain A Good Hair Line At The Very Least?


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Hi, all,

I don't want to take Finasteride as I already suffer from anxiety and I don't think the two will be a good combination.

Do people take Finasteride to stop the transplant hairs from falling out, or is it to stop your existing hair from falling out? Are the transplanted hairs permanent?

My thinking is if I get a transplant and it doesn't take, at the very least I could have a shaved head with a perfect hairline, which I could deal with.

Thanks, guys.


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finasteride stops affected hair strands from miniaturization. The transplanted hair may not be permanent, as some (could be you) will receed to NW7+ territory where a small strip of thin hair remains, rendering 95% of all one's hair not suitable for a permanent solution as in an ideal expectation of a hair transplant.

If you dont have NW7+ genes, you could receed to NW5-6 or even 4, and the transplanted hair would be "permanent".