Why You Will Never Make Love To A Beautiful Woman


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The thing is that recently, at least in the last couple of months, the forum has been invaded by these incels, and not only this forum, it's a general thing lately, especially and most predominant on forums dominated by americans, europeans rarely think like this but sadly it's like an epidemic and spreading like corona is.

When you hit the recent made posts the first pages are full of these kind of threads, it's no longer a hair loss forum, it's a transitioning and incel one... And this maybe because nothing really new came out for actual hair loss for almost 30+ years... But i suggest blocking them one by one, i have the list full but they still shows up, there are too many, the moderators need to do a cleanup soon, it won't be the first time anyways...
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Actually OP I dont even understand what you want, your title say "You never make love to a beautiful woman", well, if you dont look good then why you expect to have good looking woman lol. Just try to find a woman in your league.
What's up with this stupid mindset, like people think someone owe them anything. It's like crying "If you are poor you will never have a yacht of your own, boo hoo", like no sh*t sherlock, not everybody gets whatever they want in life.


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I agree with post above.

But people are angry about this post?? Not about the fact that 90% of people writing on this forum has a full set of hairs.
I mean how is this helpful?

The people who experienced true baldness (Norwood 5 and up) know to ignore these kids who panic with a Norwood 1.5.