why does kevin mann aka haircafe cope so much about DHT?


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Personally, and it's just a bro-science theory, I don't think DHT has anything to do with it.

I believe brown adipose tissue degradation is 100% responsible for it, and DHT, up-regulation of androgen receptors, and every other protein they are looking at are dead ends.

Here's my bro-science theory:
As BAT tissue degrades, the hair follicles become inflamed somehow. In response to this inflammation, the HF up-regulates androgen receptors to bind more anti-inflammatory DHT, which does not help.

BAT usually degrades in the male pattern baldness zone, NOT on the sides and back of the head. This would explain why:
-HF's on the sides and back of the head are not effected by DHT whatsoever.
-DHT does not have a negative effect on HF's anywhere else on the body.

Perhaps 5AR inhibitors, and the small estrogen increase stop the degradation of BAT and put a "pause" on the cascade?

All that being said, we know for sure:
-Nuking DHT to 0 does not reverse male pattern baldness
-Transition drugs (Bica, estrogen, etc etc) can and often do "reverse" male pattern baldness, with the unfortunate side effect of turning one into a woman.
-Minoxidil works, but its laughable at best.

Idk, just rambling. Wish I knew of a way to increase BAT activity in the scalp, I'd almost bet it would reverse the whole cascade.


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Don't mind me,, I just occasionally lurk here for content ideas from time to time. The video I did on Cyclosporine was based on research I found that was posted here for instance.
Could you do one about DUPA ? And why people with this kind of hair loss do not have results with finasteride/dutasteride/min ?