why do some people with a receding hairline keep the same hairline for 30 years?


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i've seen a lot of people who started losing hair in their 20s but 20-30 years later their hair looks exactly the same and still really thick. i'm not even talking "mature" hairline but actual Norwood 2-3 receding temples

i was a dumb *** thinking that would be me. i thought real hair loss wouldn't happen to me at least not while so young so i put off taking the meds because i thought maybe i'd just be one of the guys who would keeps the same hairline for 20 years. i don't have much hair loss in my family and my mothers father had a similar hairline that started to recede then stayed the same. people told me hairloss comes from your maternal grandfather and i had the same hairline shape and i thought "maybe i just be like go full bald i'll just have an okayish looking hairline and thick hair"

then after a couple years of not taking finasteride i looked in the mirror one day and my hairline is just totally decimated. it f*****g sucks i wouldn't even mind if i just had a Norwood 2-3 like that it doesn't even look bad when you're older and like 70% of men in my family had hair at least

i know it's cliche but man... if i just took finasteride a couple years ago and didn't stress about it i'd be so much better off. i don't even want to get haircuts anymore and sometimes they comment on how shitty my hair is and i have to have my hairline pulled back in PUBLIC. and even worse everyone who cuts hair just digs the f*** out of your hair with a comb.