Where To Purchase Original Walker Lace Front Support Tape?


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First of all, I must excuse myself in advance for the following line because I was raised by my parents and teachers not to use Presidential language, but: I'm absolutely p#ssed off right now!! ..after spending money at several online shops claiming to sell the Walker Lace Front Support Tape that I used to have, currently running out of tape, and getting nothing but absolutely non-working products! :(

As an experienced wig wearer for exactly 10 years now, I've come through a great deal of learning curves using all kinds of short and long term attachment with wigs and toupets from different distributors. In that time, I tried approximately 15 different liquid glues and, I guess, more than 20 kinds of tapes. Due to my oily skin – everyone's body chemistry works different – I was always having trouble finding the right tape to get a long-term attachment... Until I FINALLY found the Walker Lace Front Support Tape, which is a blue liner tape, but for me VERY different from all other (six? seven?) blue liner tapes that I tried so far. With that tape (the one with a printed Label on each strip, litteraly saying „Lace Front Support Tape“, see attached picture) I got

  1. no shine

  2. easy, elastic attachment with no wrinkles

  3. strong hold

  4. and NO MESSY BREAKING DOWN of the tape, so that clean-up was super-easy „even“ after 7 days of wearing in a row (which is a lot for me), with daily work-out and showers.
Especially that last point (4) is where ALL other blue liner tapes failed for me, and with the current tape which was sold to me as the original (but no printing on the back) it became MESSY and GOOEY all over, even on day #3. Now I got slimy residue all in my wig hear (I cannot solve completely) and it took me (after 3 days only!!) 20 minutes and different solvents and alcohol to get rid of the residue of on my scalp.

So, Ladies and Gentleman, can PLEASE someone tell me where to purchase to ONE AND ONLY tape that EVER worked for me in 10 years?! I really need it. My last pruchase was already from an international seller (UK, I live in Germany) and kinda pricy, but I took it, because the were the only in Europe where the picture showed the original printing on the back – but it arrived without that label.

The HD site says, Walker has removed that label but it's the „same“ product. Well, that is OBVIOUSLY(!!) NOT TRUE!! The consistence, hold, and break-down time-span is TOTALLY different.

So, if Walker has really stopped producing the formula of the „old“ tape (with that printing), I must find any supplier who has some lots of the old one on stock.



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