Where To Order Affordable (lift) Injected Skin Toupee?


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I've been wearing different kinds of wigs and toupees throughout the last years, mostly swiss lace, having switched from topper to full cap some time ago. But as for the full cap, I'm sick of the attachment issues which appear when it comes to nape and temple areas... so I made up my mind to regrow my rest hair (sides and back) and go for a topper again. As I don't have much money, I ordered at Aliexpress.com so far.

This time, I want to try either swiss lace with poly edge all around or even go for a complete skin unit. I've seen incredible pictures on the internet with so-called "lift injected" skin toupees, where the disadvantage of V loops and "flat injection" seems to be avoided: The hair grows kind of straight out of the artificial skin. And there are no knots at all, which is an issue, when you have color #2 dark brown hair.

However, when I wanted to purchase, I was mostly guided to Alibaba.com - and if I understand correctly, as a private person (end user) I cannot oder there unless I'm running a business/company of my own, is that correct?

So, what other sources do you know where to oder injected skin toupees? (with not V loops, and not flat injection, but the hair standing straight out of the scalp, allowing free hair style in any direction)