Where In The Uk Can I Get A Hair System And Get It Applied/styled?


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I tried my first hair system by total cover plus but it was a disaster and wasted £420 after it lasted 3 days and came un-stuck at the back.
Although rang their head office to complain all the said is they would put the same hair system I got back on for free.
Can't see the glue lasting any longer, so rather upset/angered about that. The density was too much and didn't blend in with my thinning hair at the sides.

I'm based in worcester,uk now.

Is places like menshair2go any good? However a 3 hour train journey down to london isn't ideal.
However least it would last longer than 7 weeks like the total cover plus hair system claimed when it needed to be replaced.

Andrew Butler

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Hi there, we would be delighted to help you out at Ladlox.com

We pride ourselves on quality and customer service so please feel free to get in touch!