When i was 8, until now (15) (alopecia areata)


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i really don't mean to trouble any of you, but i'm losing hair like crazy. I know there's a lot of sufferers out there and it makes me happy you took the time to read this post as well. Anyways, the problem at hand is that 7 years ago (8 years old), when i got a haircut, my parents noticed that i had a big spot on the back of my head. It started growing and growing and it almost took the whole area. By this point my parents took me to a dermatologist and he started giving topical treatments. I had to completely shave my head. When my hair grew back, they worked for a while and i was on that until i was 14 (june, 2014). It wasn't working, the doctor was giving injections straight at the spots and EVEN that didn't do the trick. By this point there were holes on the back, left side, and the top of my head, as well as the left eyebrow. Now, i'm 15, I'm confused as ever. Please keep in mind, it's not like i'm going through depression, i'm not sad, just feeling unfair (probably what other people feel to). I have 4 enormous holes. One on the left, the back, and 2 on the top. and then a bunch of small holes everywhere. I honestly don't know what to do. Even my classmates know. I'm on homeopathic treatment right now, that's working to build my immune system. I've only been on this treatment for 6 months but still... Fortunately, my eyebrow came back . But I might have to shave my head. That's going to take bravery but i'm trying to build up my courage to do it. If you have any suggestions, please do tell me. I really like my hair (but then again, who doesn't?). Thank you .


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i found on google that ruxolitinib has been shown to treat alopecia areata. i do not know if this is safe or if any sensible doctor would prescribe it to you. you would need to speak with your doctor about it.