What (my) topical finasteride sides could mean. Dancing on the blind side of the studies. Thoughts?


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Hi everyone,

This is my first post, after being reading the forum from almost the start of my treatment, 5 years ago, with topical finasteride and minoxidil.

I had some experience with topical finasteride that maybe some of you, that know a lot about hormonal system, pharmacokinetics and such, could use to throw some light into the dark that is the understanding of this drug.

I started noticing receeding temples, top crown and frontal thinning , with a lot of shedding and swollen, red scalp, itchiness, at age 20. Long story short, I freaked out, went to a private derma, who put me on propecia, topical finasteride 0.5% and Minoxidil3% (overkill, I know) .

After 3 days, I dropped the pills, cause of brain fog and sudden bad mood. Anyway, I went on with the finasteride 0.5% and Minoxidil 3%. And the sides just dissapeared.

Well, I continued for 2 months or so, and the treatment was working well. After those 2 months, I started noticing a burning sensation on nipples, just on the right one, if I remember well. Another important thing about my case, is that I developed ginecomastia from 12 to 15 or so, naturally, as a result of puberty, with the same feeling.

I didn't quit, as I thought, or hoped, that my body could compensate if I continued, and as I used to live for quite some time with that condition, and being aware that most of the tissue that grew back on puberty shrank to a pint that wasn't even palpable, I wasn't panicking either.

But after 2 days or so, it started to be hard to keep up with the pain. But most important, when I started touching the area, searching for any palpable source of pain, weren't only the lumps under the nipple hurting and swollen, but at diferent point of the chest, some diferent kind of glands or lumps or whatever, were palpable, like trends of tissue. I quitted, and started taking Flaxed Oil. The pain and swollen lumps reduced significantly during next week.

So I started the topical again, this time 0.1%, after visiting my dr, while I continued with the flaxseed oil.

And it was different this time. I felt the tenderness and pain, but it went away with continuation of treatment. The lumps stopped hurting, the soreness dissapeared, and the inflamation reduced. All of this while continuing the treatment, at a dose that goes systemic on large amounts.

So I continued with the oil capsules for awhile, and the finasteride,for 3 years.

After trying different things,Ru, seti, pge2, needling, along with the finasteride, without dropping minoxidil, and trying topical dutasteride for a while, cameback to finasteride on january 2021 and quitted on July, cause of sexual sides again.

I continued with minoxidil, and in october I decided to come back to topical finasteride, as I was feeling well again.

The thing is, that I started at 0.1%, but as I had the 0.5% one, and I am losing ground on temples, I tried using it intermittently.

For 2 weeks, everything went well, until the GYNO CAME BACK. And hitting hard. After so much time. It scared me, tried lowering the dose to half, and it didnt work.

That was only a month ago. Right when I was losing all hope, I found the microdose threads, mazzarella study... And decided to try it.

After two weeks, feeling well on different microdoses, I made the stupid decision of trying 0.25% just one day.

I went from being horny all the time, to numb dick. Literally. No gyno. I continued microdose, and slowly for two weeks i've been recovering, till now. The sexual are almost nonexistent, BUT, for the last 2 days, the gyno came back, right after a total dose of 0.05 mg on a single day. With it, has come a greater libido, and greater erections, which seems absolutely absurd, but maybe it could be explained, as the testosterone raised, but not too much, cause probably the dht inhibition is not 60% or so, is lower, so the aromatase didn't overreact, causing a smaller spike in estrogen. Now i'm back to 0.002% every two days. Gyno symptoms on left side of the chest, soreness, lumps.

Now, I'm questioning myself, if continuing the treatnent could make the gyno resolve by itself, like happened the first time.

These are some of the points I wanted to make:

-I'm pretty sure, that in my case most of the lumps, tissue around the nipple and chest, were there before, just atrophied, and finasteride SOMETIMES causes the inflamation to come back. I don't have enlarged breast, no fat, just glandular tissue here and there between pecs and skin.

- Being sensitive to it, was prety usefull to adress that even at super low topical doses, finasteride GOES SYSTEMIC TOO. If I can get gyno from those doses, then, it's going systemic enough to lower dht to a degree.

-I think that topically, the curve of effectiveness on low doses could be different from the oral one, where a jump from 0 to 100 happens, and that we could find a dose topically where we inhibit dht by 20% or so. Maybe with the oral, at such low quantities, your organism can purge it, or can't reach levels on blood at which it could affect scalp. I think it's not that theres no in between, is that the oral path doesn't allow you to be on it.

- I have gyno, but sexually the only side is less ejaculation volume, not even watery semen now. It seems logical to think that I should be suffering both, but nope...

-If what i've just write is not correct, and 50 or more dht is inhibited on my serum dht, even at this doses, causing the gyno, and it's not just (as I think it is) that the fact that I had gyno for years on puberty created sensible tissue to estrogens that can reactivate even with subtle changes, then we know that doses as low as 0.01 mg reduce, at least topically, serum dht that much, which is something that is not proven, I think.

So, what could be the explanation for all of this? What does it mean?

1)Could the speed on decrease of dht have a relation with estrogenic sides, at the beginning, at least?

2) How would you explain the gyno resolving by itself or popping out randomly?

3) Is the dht suppression/dose ratio on low doses of topical the same as oral?

4) How is possible to have sides as ED or loss of libido, but don't have gyno, if you are prone to it?

Anyway, thanks for reading, and sorry for the possible mistakes on my english, as it's not my mother language.
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