What do you do and how do you feel when there is a lift in the back?


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Do you panic? Do you fix it right away? Do you accept it and wait many days with it? Should you fix it right away or it does not matter if you let it be for a few days before fixing it? How do you fix it exactly? What do you do until you fix it? Wear a hat? Always check, if it's down? Obviously they are usually so small that noone actually sees.


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Never had lifting in the back with tape but, assuming it isnt a massive lift (the hairpiece telling you it needs to come off for a de/re) then its not a big deal. I'd never wear if it made me feel panicked.


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If it's noticeable, I'll put a beanie on to cover it, till I can remove it, clean it and re-apply it.

If it's not noticeable if the system hair and my own donor hair covers it, then it doesn't bother me.