What Are The Factors That Affect The Color Of Wigs?


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When I received the melt lace wig, I found that the slight difference between the color and the pictures on the official website is acceptable. After all, under different light, different materials and textures will also affect the color changes.

How Does Light Affect The Color Of a Wig?
Color is the result of light reflecting off pigments.
Have you ever noticed that hair color looks different under different lights?
The difference is because hue affects the reflection of color, giving hair a different color, tone, or tone.
The HD lace wigs appear brighter and have a higher contrast outside in natural light than when shot indoors.
When trying out new wig colors, consider changes in light.

Length And Texture Change Into Different Colors Of The Wig.
Texture and the way it affects bundles with frontal wig color has to do with lighting, but more specifically, the way light reflects off the hair pigment.
The reflection of light varies depending on the style of hair, for example, curly or straight.

When you compare straight hair with a wavy wig, you'll notice that highlights and lowlights in hair color are more pronounced on a wavy wig.
That's because curly wigs allow light to bounce off more surface areas of the hair and highlight color changes more than straight hair.
Also, short, medium, and long wigs all have slightly distinctive colors because of the way the fibers are distributed throughout the wig.
Even if all three cuts were the same wig color, each cut would be slightly different.
The difference was small but still significant.

Fiber Type Is Everything.
Because the fiber's base pigments are yellow and red, human hair fibers always appear warmer in color.
Synthetic hair fiber colors appear cooler and show more contrast between the blended colors, resulting in distinctive hues.
The warm or cool appearance of hair varies by manufacturer and color standard.

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