Utilizing 5aDHP as a way to treat finasteride related side effects


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Hello all, new member to the forum of those people affected by some common side effects from 5AR inhibitors I wanted to get yalls opinion on this as a potential treatment. As many people are aware one of unfortunate realities of using finasteride and dutasteride is the alteration in neurohormone levels.

[3. Potential adverse effects of 5α-R therapy on the CNS

The CNS has the capacity and the machinery to synthesize a host of neurosteroids [72]. Neurosteroids play a pivotal role in modulating neural activity through interaction with neurotransmitter receptors and neurotransmitter-gaited ion-channels [73]. These neurosteroids interact with a host of neurotransmitter receptors and modulate seizure susceptibility, anxiety, stress, and depression [74]. 5α-R reaction is the rate limiting step in the conversion of testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, corticosterone, and Doctor into their respective 5α-dihydro-deratitves, which serve as precursors for 3α-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase which transfroms such precursors into their respective neurosteroids (androstanediol, allopregnanolone [AP], tetrahydrocortisol, tetrahdyrocorticosterone, and tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone) (Fig. 1) [1, 2]. All three isoforms of 5α-R are expressed in the various regions of brain and are thought to be critical for brain development since fetal brain express high concentrations of 5α-R [1, 2].

It has recently been shown that patients who had been treated with finasteride have reduced or undetectable levels of neuroactive steroids in their cerebro-spinal fluid and plasma, and exhibited higher levels of precursor steroids [75]. This observation strongly suggests that 5α-RIs have a deleterious effect on the biosynthesis and function of neurosteroids in the central nervous system. Finasteride treatment resulted in decreased levels of 5α-DHT and 3α, 5α-tetrahydroprogesterone (AP) and increased levels of testosterone supporting the hypothesis that deleterious effects of finasteride may be persistent or irreversible. This may explain some of the noted symptoms such as anxiety, depression and suicide in patients who have been treated with finasteride]

Through some probing and a redditors suggestion I found 5aDHP as a supplement offered by a chemical lab based out of DC and decided to give it a shot. Just by looking at the mechanism of inhibition by 5AR I figured you could use 5aDHP which is normally converted by 5AR from progesterone to address any of the potential downsides of having decreases GABAergic effects that these neurohormones are responsible for. Since the downstream enzymes would be unaffected I figured its safe to assume that the 5aDHP would convert into its downstream steroid derivatives.


In regards to the bioavailability I was ensured by the vendor of the bioavailability of the supplement:
The fully saturated steroids such as 5a-DHP do not really degrade, similarly to saturated fats, and are in fact even more resilient. Also, when combined with tocopherols and long chain fats, they form chylomicrons and get absorbed through the lymphatic system in the intestines, which prevents de-activation by the liver. As long a steroid can avoid first pass metabolism through the liver (which steroids in tocopherols and oil do), almost nothing gets degraded and lost. Hence the formulation, in which we sell 5a-DHP.

In my short experience with the supplement I did notice a considerable change in my mood after the first dose and overall mental state, clearing of brain fog. Im only posting this as I think the people of this forum are way more likely to take post finasteride syndrome and 5AR side effects more seriously. Let me know if anyone else has tried this supplement or what they think as a whole