Ultra Hair Clinic Birmingham Any Recommendations


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I had a very interesting experience yesterday. after getting a system from somewhere I won’t name and Shame publicly. I had to take the whole thing off after just over a week. Trim the whole thing down after trimming my own hair properly and making my own template to cut the system to.
I tried tape for the perimeter and middle and did hairline with ghost bond xl. All in all it was a long stressful adventure but my wife did and I am much happier with the result.
I always intended to do maintenance etc myself but did not expect to have to do it just over a week after having it done and spending £500. You live and learn is my motto. I have paid for a system at Birmingham and am going to let my hair grow for another month before going to get colour matched etc.
All in all I am so happy to have hair on my head. I was too impatient and have paid the price but like I said it’s a learning curve and forums like this really help


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The UK hair system company I use has a salon in Birmingham, and they are a very good company with reasonable prices. If anyone wants me to tell you who the company is, just send me a PM.


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Hi, I am looking for a good Salon in Birmingham too if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks