Triangular Frontal Alopecia Anyone Had Any Experience?


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Hi everyone, this is my first post so not sure what I’m doing. So for about 10+ years I believed I had traction alopecia at the front of my head from extensions. It is a relatively small patch so I just kind of left it alone, I have a huge forehead so it’s not so noticeable, even hairdressers haven’t noticed until I pointed it out. Very recently (about 3 months ago) I discovered it is actually triangular temporal alopecia that I have. A triangle of non scarring alopecia at the front on the head. So knowing this I decided to start treating it. About 2 months ago I started using minoxidil maximum strength, deemarolling once a week and taking biotin 10000micrograms. I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience with this and if my pictures are a good sign. First picture (if it uploads the right way) is about 2 weeks into treatment other pictures is about 2 months in. I’ve never had any hairs in this area. It was very bald and shiny.


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