Treatment Or Pregnancy - What To Choose?


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I started noticing my hair thinning about two years ago. I thought it was due to stress, as I had just left a very stressful job, but it never stopped or went away. About six months ago I finally sought help from a dermatologist, who took a sample from my scalp and diagnosed me with androgenetic alopecia.

I have been told that the only effective drugs I can take to combat my hair loss cannot be taken during pregnancy, and that if I am considering having a child I should do that first before commencing medication.

I also have multiple sclerosis, for which I'm on daily medication. The dermatologist says the two conditions are not related.

At 38 years old I feel like I have been given a Sophie's choice between keeping my hair or having a baby, as even if I get pregnant now it will be a good two years before I can start treatment. How much hair will I have lost by then?

Looking for advice from other women who have been or are in this position as I'm feeling incredibly despondent and depressed and don't know what to do.
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