Topical Minoxidil/Finasteride sprays


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Hi all - I’ve been using the topical minoxidil and finasteride spray from MANUAL for nearly 3 months now with really good results. My only issue is it feels quite expensive for what it is; it’s £110 for a bottle which is supposed to last 3 months but really it’s 2 months at a push so I’ve had to buy an extra bottle to ensure I don’t run out.

For the results I’m seeing id happily keep paying it but just curious if anyone is aware of any cheaper alternatives, I can’t imagine there is much difference between all of the options. For reference the Manual spray contains 10% minoxidil, 0.1% finasteride and 5% Azeliac acid spray.

Also if anyone has any other suggested options, regardless of price please let me know :)

many thanks