Topical Liquid Ketoconazole Available In Spray Form


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Long time lurker, created an account just recently so I could pass this along/run it by the forum-
In searching for a solution for a skin rash on my cat I came across a veterinary product (a spray) that contains ketoconazole @ 1% and chlorhexidine which is an anti-fungal,anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial.

The product is Ketowell and is available on Amazon without a prescription for about 15.00. Read the reviews to see how well it has worked on animals... don't really see any reason it couldnt be used on humans although the company has to state that it is for animals only for obvious reasons.

Seems like this would be a good alternative for being able to apply ketoconazole topically without the need of a harsh shampoo.



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A cat's hair and skin are quite different from that of a human, and I'm not sure how well your hair or scalp would be able to handle this product. It might cause irritation, and might make your hair look bad. Also, your scalp might not be able to absorb it properly in order for it to have therapeutic effects. It might be worth contacting the manufacturer to have their own opinion on whether it could be useful for humans to use.