Topical Finasteride Without Minoxidil


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New on the forum so forgive me if this info is to find somewhere else.

Anyway, i want to start using finasteride as a topical solution without minoxidil.
Does anyone have experience with making their own vehicle for the finasteride? (proscar pills in my case).

My first thought was to use the same mixing ratio as in Rogaine and drop the minoxidil, but i cant find the ratio anywhere.

Grateful for all feedback on this, and please excuse my bad english.


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Rogaine usually comes in 5%, which would mean 5g/100ml which is extremely high

I started topical finasteride with 0.05% and slowly dosed up to 0.2-0.3%

100ml of topical finasteride at a concentration of 0.2% would mean 200mg finasteride, which is 40 proscar pills


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Classic minoxidil ratio is %50 ethl alcohol %30 ppg %20 purified water. You can use same ratio to making topical finasteride. First u need to dissolve crushed proscar pills in alcohol, (finasteride freely soluble in alcohol). Shake well every 2-3 hours for a day, then filter it to get rid off excess fillers, then u can add other solvents to finish the product.

To make 100ml %0.1 topical finasteride
Crush 100mg proscar pills (20 pills)
Put it into 50ml eth alchol (%50)
Shake well every 2-3 hours for a day.
Filter excess pill fillers.
Add 30ml ppg (%30)
Add 20ml purified water (%20)
Shake well the final product. And you done.