To wig or not to wig: that is the question.


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hairfan said:
I wore a hair system from AHS for two years and have to say i didnt like it, it faded in the sun and was very hot. I had to go in to AHS every month to have it refitted I woud not go back down that route again I have since had two FUT and much happier
It sounds like it was a skin piece?
I have to say all Swiss lace is anything but hot,in fact i have been in tempetatures well in excess of 100 degrees and not once did my head feel any hotter than anywhere else on my body.
Regarding fading then all you have to do is treat the hair every now and then with a color depositing conditioner,back 2 natural,to combat the red tones.Also adding a sunscreen to the hair in spray form helps as well.
Glad that the transplants helped to regain your hair and confidence.
At the end of the day whatever route you go down to get hair back is a personal choice and as long as the person is happy with the results then that is all that matters.
If you do decide to go down the system route at any time in the future stay away from companies like AHS ect..
Do it yourself for far better and cheaper results.