Tingling and small swelling gyno from low dose finasteride


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I have very small gyno from puberty (never really bothered me at healthy BMI it is barely noticable but there). Hopped on low dose topical finasteride 0.01% to avoid brain fog. Got no brain fog but my nipples started tingling 3 weeks in, I thought it was in my head and fast forward half a week and my left nipple area was swollen. Stopped immediately and the tingling has subsided. I still think the increase in gyno is there on both sides. What should I do? Will it go away in a bit?

I've basically given up on finasteride so now is my only option research chemicals like pyri? I could continue finasteride and get the gyno removed but it seems like I'm very sensitive to this drug so who knows what the f*** else it'll cause :( . I'm applying winlevi to my scalp in the mean time but I doubt it'll do much tbh.

If anyone know how to get pyri without starting another group bUy let me know. I'll be purity testing what i get regardless.
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