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Thinking Of A New Regime. Need Your Help.

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments' started by ahmad029, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. ahmad029

    ahmad029 Established Member My Regimen

    Jun 3, 2016
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    Hy guys.

    Since finistride and minoxidil didn't work out for me due to side effects.

    I am thinking of a new regime.
    Your suggestion and openion are appreciated.

    The regime is a topical solution comprised off the following.

    1. Zinc sulphate 3%. = 5 alpha inhib
    2.diclofenace 0.5%. = pgd2 inhib
    3. Keticonazole shampoo. = Weak AA
    4. Vitamin b6 p5p. = Support zinc
    5. Citerizine 1%. = decreased Pgd2 and increase pge.
    6. Topical castor oil.= Increase pge.
    7. If this regime didn't work out well than I might add azalaic acid and microneedling.

    My question are about vehicle can I make a vehicle without ethanol. As I don't have easy access to it I am in a Muslim state.

    Can i use water and propylene glycol?

    Also is there anyone currently on a similar regime would love to hear experience and share some ideas.

    Any other suggestions.
  2. Pigeon

    Pigeon Senior Member My Regimen

    Jan 25, 2017
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    Looks good to me, like a pimped zix. Although worm warned to not add anything though.

    You could try for a few months atleast.
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