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The Title Everyone Probably Posts; "help"!

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by Maidu Lady, Jul 24, 2018.

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    So around spring 2017 I really started to feel like I was seeing more of my scalp in the front.
    I had lost hair years ago on a particular diet so at first I wasn't alarmed, but it has gradually gotten worse.
    I have noticed that my birth mom has significant hair loss but I had always kind of thought it was because she didn't take the best care of herself and maybe had some undiagnosed issue (and maybe she does) but as it turns out as I started asking other relatives it turns out the women in my family are predisposed to this and they are all suffering from it to one extent or another.


    It has been bothering me psychologically a bunch, I'm not like what I would say is a good looking woman BUT I have always had beautiful hair, it's like the one good thing I had and now it's doomed.
    I have been extremely depressed about it, I am also Native American so my hair has been very important to me, it is waist length and I do take care of it but like I said, now doomed.
    I went to a dermatologist and also to my women's health doctor and once they heard the other women in my family have hair loss issues they kind of just said there was nothing they could do, sorry about your bad luck.
    I did get my thyroid and hormones tested and supposedly they were fine but I can't help but wondering if they did the bare bones check as I'm just apparently one of those doomed to hair loss women to them.
    I did start using minoxidil, I use Nioxin as well but have heard really mixed reviews on both of those.

    I have no clue what to do.
    There are so many products and supplements that I am overwhelmed, being depressed about it adds to this.


    Thank you!

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