The Best Surgeons In The Game - Europe


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Hey guys

Looking to go for a second transplant (first in 2017 with Dr Cinik) to thicken up my hairline

Wondering who are the top dogs these days?

Is it still Erdogan , Feriduni , Keser , Demirsoy? I remember ********* lost his reputation as a top tier surgeon

thanks all


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I don't know much about transplants, but I think i remember seeing some people saying erdogan has gone a bit downhill in terms of quality.


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I remember ********* lost his reputation as a top tier surgeon

Could you expand on this?
At end of 2018 I had a great experience with his team (feel free to see my thread under FUT section). In terms of their professionalism, his ethics and the result of natural appearance, I'd say he is definitely quality. I don't have any other personal experience with other surgeons to compare other than quotes and email communication, but looking at the reviews there is nothing to suggest he isn't still top notch.
Having heard from a few others who had their procedures more recently as well, I didn't feel that there was any sign of his standard or reputation falling...
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You missed Couto who is probably the very best in Europe at least judging by the many Youtube videos he posts anyway of incredible results.

B isanga is up there also in my experience with the best. A genuine great guy too.