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T.e Hell, Is It Really Androgenetic Alopecia I've Had Enough

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by Anna Butcher, Oct 1, 2018.

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    My story is one of those long ones, I was ill last year Oct 2017 to January 2018 at the end of this time I started to notice more hair on my brush, and my husband made comments on the hair in the drain. I went into panic mode and off I went to the drs, they said I had T.E from being ill for so long, my hair was seen as something my body didn't need, I had to be ok with this answer but still felt very anxious about it all the time, I started to get anxiety attacks, in a swimming teacher as well which doesn't help. I went back to the drs and was out on tablets to deal with my anxiety, and again was told not to worry. I then obviously did all the searching the internet and changing my diet ect ect, and what has kept me going was seeing tiny hairs growing back all the time BUT I was still shedding but not the normal hand fulls you read about just shedding when ever I washed or pulled my hair. I got my hair cut short and that did help, after 6 months I went to see a Trichologist and paid for it myself. He put my mind ease, explained it was T.E after looking through my sculp with a camera and then checking the regrowth, he didn't offer to put me on any hair growth shampoos ect and said he was 99.9% sure it wasnt Androgenetic Alopecia . And if it was it would be in its early, early, early phase, told me to keep in touch and carry on.
    Funny that although I've been told all the right things I'm still shedding, and my hair is diffuse all over, my hairline was hit hard and my temples have very slightly filled in. I can't help but feel like I'm dealing with Androgenetic Alopecia as I'm worried any regrowth is now minuterized, my dad has been lossing hair for 30 years but
    slowly and my brother started losing hair in his twenties how ever all the women have been fine and I'm petrified this is now me starting the line! I've always had a very full head of hair, this is just heartbreaking, non of my friends understand and I'm scared for the future my poor husband and child seeing me an emotional wreck all the time. I'm off for blood tests this week because I can't live a life like this anymore! Oh and also have a case of bad dry skin all over my head now to! Brilliant
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