Study Sheds Light On Regulation Of Hair Growth Across The Entire Body


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"Nie noted that laboratory experiments can be insufficient to study complex biological functions, such as hair growth across the entire skin. "In such cases, mathematical modeling can greatly assist in the discovery process," he said. "Our new mathematical model predicted details of signaling communications between hairs, otherwise difficult to reveal with standard biological experiments alone."

Finally someone bringing in other disciplines to research not just tinkering in a lab.


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I have a hard believing that the WNT pathway cant regrow large amounts of hair. It seems like such a critical and important pathway in so many different processes like hair growth. Like a low level pathway that could turn hair growth back on.
I guess the trick is how and where you physically try to intervene in the pathway. There probably a million ways to try it with different results.


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Alot of this is still unknowns in there...